Mental Health Treatment on a new level in

Bel Air, CA

customized & hybrid treatment approaches

One-to-One Individual Care

Situated in the beautifully tranquil and exclusive hills of Bel Air (Los Angeles), California, The Bel Air Home is a specialized residential mental health treatment program with expertise in treating complex psychiatric issues. Treatment is provided to only 6 clients at a time to provide highly individualized attention. There is no generalized approach; each client receives a custom-care plan that combines cutting-edge science like Spravato™ (esketamine) & TMS, along with 1-to-1 care and time-tested therapies.

Combining a higher standard of care within our exclusive and private residence is just one of several reasons that The Bel Air Home stands apart from other mental health treatment centers here in Southern California.

Major Depression

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Delusional Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Bipolar Disorders

Trauma & PTSD

Disociative Disorders

Undiagnosed Mood Disorders

A Wrap-Around Approach

Each client is under the care of a psychiatrist and internal medicine doctor during their entire treatment course.

Mental Health Treatment in Comfort

What makes the Bel Air Home different from other mental health treatment centers?

A Holistic Approach

Balance in Health

TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic stimulation

– What is age-specific treatment?

– Why is it so unique & effective?

Bel Air Home is one of the few residential mental health programs that has a dual license & certification by two state health accreditation bodies in addition to national accreditation.

While we work with adults ages 18 to 80, our unique expertise enables us to create custom care plans that also match the client’s age as well as their general place in life. A young adult patient in their mid 20’s facing identical issues to that of an older patient in their 70’s, for instance, would mean variations in treatments, therapies and approaches toward full-scope care for each one of them. This methodology often shows us higher quality outcomes, long-term successes and less reliance on life-long medication.

As one of Los Angeles, California’s leading voices in residential treatment for mental illness, The Bel Air Home is truly proud of the types and percentages of healing results we see through our advanced, hybrid, and age-specific treatment approaches.

Private, Exclusive, Luxury Mental Health Treatment in the Hills of Bel Air, CA
Upscale Rehab for Mental Illness in Southern California
Luxury Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and more
Luxury and Holistic Private Mental Health Recovery

An Exclusive Residence

The Bel Air Home creates a balanced and strategically beneficial environment for each patient. When you treat severe mental illness like depression, bipolar, anxiety and others, it is important to create a comfortable, safe, private environment that is most conducive to true healing.

We have created a boutique-type clinical residence that effectively merges luxury, privacy, healthy cuisines, pain solutions and genuine emotional support. When we add all of these elements into our advanced treatment approaches, the result is a residential mental health treatment program that is simply unparalleled.  The long-term successes we witness each day provide a level of hope to our patients that most have never before experienced.

It brings us great pride in being among Southern California’s few cutting-edge treatment programs within the scope of behavioral health and mental illness. Call today to learn more on why and how the Bel Air Home is different than most other mental health treatment centers – (888) 818-7762.


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Proudly Licensed & Credentialed by:

Licensed by The California Department of Health Care Services
Licensed by The California Department of Social Services
Credentialed by The Joint Commission

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