Welcome to Mental Health Treatment on a Whole New Level…

A Customized Approach

With a maximum of 6 patients at any given time, we offer an unparalleled ability to customize and create wrap-around 1-to-1 care on multiple levels…

A Hybrid Approach

Licensed for cutting-edge therapies, we strategically blend the latest in advanced mental health treatments with time-tested therapies…

Focusing on long-term success

This is your opportunity to treat and heal, and come to discover THE NEW YOU

Situated in the beautifully tranquil and exclusive hills of Bel Air (Los Angeles), California, The Bel Air Home is a specialized residential mental health treatment program with expertise in treating complex psychiatric issues. Treatment is provided to only 6 clients at a time to provide highly individualized attention. There is no generalized approach; each client receives a custom-care plan that combines cutting-edge science like Spravato™ (esketamine) & TMS, along with 1-to-1 care and time-tested therapies.

Major Depression

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Trauma and PTSD

Delusional and Dissociative Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Undiagnosed Mood Disorders

And more...

Treating Mental Illness with Physicians

A Physician Run Program

Our program is operated by physicians, which better enables us to focus entirely on long-term successes.

Private 1-to-1 Therapy

Highly Individualized Treatment

With a maximum of 6 clients at any time, individualized custom care is not the exception, it is the standard.

Providing Neurology, Psychiatry, Medical and Pain Management

Full Scope of Care

Wrap-around psychiatric, medical, pain management and nutrition care provided by clinical specialists.
Spravato (ketamine) and TMS Treatments

Cutting-Edge Therapeutics

One of the few programs licensed for advanced treatments like Spravato™ and TMS therapies.

What is age-specific treatment?
Why is it so unique & effective?

Bel Air Home is one of the few programs that has a dual license & certification by two state health accreditation bodies in addition to national accreditation.

While we work with adults ages 18 to 80, our unique expertise enables us to create custom care plans that also match the client’s age as well as their general place in life. A young adult patient in their mid 20’s facing identical issues to that of an older patient in their 70’s, for instance, would mean variations in treatments, therapies and approaches toward full-scope care for each one of them. This methodology often shows us higher quality outcomes, long-term successes and less reliance on life-long medication.

Learn about patients aged 18 to 30 something...

Intensive treatment to break cycles of distress and improve life-long outlook and functioning. Mental illness can evolve over time and we strive to enable young adults to take back control of their lives and maladies.

Learn about patients in their 40's and 50's...
Meticulous evaluation of past diagnoses for accuracy and formulation of a new and innovative treatment plan .
Learn about patients in their 60's, 70's and 80's...

Unique program integrating psychological, medical & neurological care with emphasis on identifying the root cause of problems .

Age-specific treatment vs. one size fits all...

When it comes to treating mental illness there are no two patients alike. We take it a step further and integrate a custom approach to create a wrap-around care plan that also takes their age into account. This is the exact opposite of a one-size-fits-all program.

A Broad Look Around

Los Angeles and Southern California in general is the worldwide hub for mental health treatment, psychiatric care and addiction recovery & dual diagnosis services. We do not deal with matters of addiction nor dual diagnosis, though we often hear of someone with mental illness admitting to this type of facility and unfortunately, they are often short changed. It is no one’s fault, the facility does the best they can with the resources they have.

The Bel Air Home is a private, dual-licensed treatment solution that focuses 100% on the latest in mental health recovery. We are officially designated as an advanced mental health crisis stabilization program, and with a maximum of 6 patients at any given time, our staff to client ratio and ability to mold the treatment around the patient’s individual needs is unparalleled.

Contact our Medical Director 24/7

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NOTE: Whether you choose to submit this form or call us at (888) 818-7762, you will always be connected directly to our physician/medical director. It is common for most facilities to initially connect you with a general admission representative. We disagree with that approach, simply because an admission rep cannot provide clinical answers to any concerns or questions you may have.

PPO Insurance Accepted

Testimonials from Patients, Families & Professionals

“Your program has finally given her the right tools and right foundation for lasting success. She is again living at home, having made up with her family and has learned how to deal with her dysfunctional reactions. She is also working now and will attend college next year — amazing results!”

R. Grove

Referring Psychologist

“I’ve been to several prior treatment centers, but nothing compares to my experience here. Being one of only six patients here, I received a level of attention and customization in care that I never even knew existed. The TMS treatment completely changed my life! Thank You!”

Emily Cole

Orange County, CA

“My son struggled with depression and bipolar disorder for most of his life. Now in his 30’s, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, for the first time! The staff and the treatments they offer are simply amazing. Thank you for improving the entire family’s quality of life!”

Myra Reznik

Mother of Patient

The Environment

The Bel Air Home creates a balanced and strategically beneficial environment for each patient. When you treat severe mental illness like depression, bipolar, anxiety and others, it is important to create a comfortable, safe, private environment that is most conducive to true healing.

We have created a boutique-type clinical residence that effectively merges luxury, privacy, healthy cuisines, pain solutions and genuine emotional support. When we add all of these elements into our advanced treatment approaches, the result is a mental health treatment program that is simply unparalelled.  The long-term successes we witness each day provide a level of hope to our patients that most have never before felt.

Welcome to a new solution in mental illness!

From our Founder & Clinical Director

“Having spent many years working in and with other mental health recovery centers, I witnessed patterns of care commonly used that could be improved upon. My prime objective, one that I will never compromise on, is in achieving long-term results for the patient. The two most critical components of this objective are, customization of care for each individual, and creating a hybrid model that merges today’s advanced therapies with only the best time-tested approaches. When In became a physician I made myself a promise that I will never be in the business of repeat business, and that is exactly the vision behind my creation of The Bel Air Home.”

Your opportunity for real change begins now!

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