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Suicidal Ideations

Wrap-Around Mental Health Care

Treatment with Wrap-Around Care *

Bel Air Home provides a unique service that addresses all aspects of our client’s wellbeing including psychiatric, medical, cognitive/neurological and chronic pain. This model is designed to provide input and viewpoints of different specialists as they collaborate on each case to solve complex psychiatric and medical issues. These specialists include a psychiatrist, internal medicine doctor, neurologist, pain management doctor, and addiction doctor.

This model is one reason why we have been able to find solutions for our patients where others have not.

Spravato Treatment *


Bel Air Home is one of the few mental health treatment programs in Los Angeles CA certified to provide on site ketamine treatment (Spravato) for treatment resistant depression. In conjunction with other treatment modalities including intensive daily therapy, this treatment option could be highly effective for those suffering from major depression. This is especially so in patients where traditional medications have been minimally effective,

TMS Therapy for Mental Illness Treatment

TMS Therapy *

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a highly advanced form of treatment for certain psychiatric disorders including major depression. It uses magnetic coils placed on the head for a short time instead of medication. The sessions are short and painless. This is another tool we have to treat treatment-resistant depression.

⇒ Mental Health Treatment in Comfort

Our program is located in Bel Air which is an exclusive and serene environment for mental health treatment with beautiful views. We can provide individual private rooms to our clients for comfort. Our goal is to bring comfort and beauty to mental health treatment that currently does not exist.

Ultimately, we strive to bring forth the best of both worlds to each and every patient we treat. That is, the exquisite, private, and luxurious environment afforded at our Bel Air, California residence, while utilizing a uniquely advanced and integrative array of clinical services that continues to raise the bar separating “good” treatment from the few truly great mental health programs spanning all of Southern California.

Therapy *


Intensive high-quality therapy is the cornerstone of our model for long term behavioral changes and psychiatric well-being. Each client is provided many hours of group and individual therapy every day of the week by expert clinicians. Through advanced methods with proven efficacy such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) our goal is to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, improve emotional self regulation, and develop personal coping strategies that help with problem solving.

As part of our goal to foster loving relationships for our clients, we also provide couples relationship therapy and family therapy.

Private Therapy for Mental Illness in Los Angeles, CA
Pain Management Services at The Bel Air Home Mental Health Treatment Center

Pain Management *

For individuals suffering from chronic pain, we offer advanced pain management treatment options and can even provide pain injections.

Mental health disorders such as depression can be caused by or made worse by chronic pain syndromes. That is why we provide a pain management option as part of our mental health program. Our expert physician has over a decade of experience treating various types of pain including nerve, orthopedic and spine pain. We can also work closely with your orthopedic or spine surgeon to develop a successful treatment plan.

Experiential Outings & Activities *


Our mission is to foster independence, teach life skills and improve health through goal oriented activities that are relaxing and enjoyable. Below is a sample of such activities we provide our clients:

    • Yoga
    • Meditation training
    • Aerobics & fitness classes
    • Outdoor picnics
    • Garden tours
    • Hiking
Private Therapy for Mental Illness in Los Angeles, CA


The availability of services are on a per client basis, and are subject to medical/treatment necessity, insurance authorization, cost coverage, and availability. On that basis, some services may be delayed or unavailable.

True Healing from Mental Illness Begins Here and Now!


(888) 818-7762


We do not use standard admission representatives, as is generally the case at other facilities.

All calls to this number will be answered by our medical director.

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