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An open forum for all matters relating to mental illness, mental health treatment, drug & alcohol addictions, family matters, support, and so much more.


We welcome you to our new website and our new blog forum. The intent here is for this forum of articles to grow over time into a vibrant and comprehensive resource relating to all matters that touch the world of mental illness, and more importantly, mental health treatment. Some of the more common mental illnesses that will be discussed here will include, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), delusional disorders, schizophrenia. and more.

The content and articles provided in this blog will be created by various people. Some will be medical professionals, which in many cases may provide relevant information from a more clinical standpoint. Others may be non-clinical treatment center employees, or past clients, family members of clients, volunteer writers with experiences to share, and so on.

Please keep in mind that, regardless of whether written by a licensed medical professional or not, nothing in this blog should be taken as medical advice, an assessment, a diagnosis, or anything of the sort.

If there are any questions or comments relating to information on this page, or to find out more about The Bel Air Home’s mental health treatment services, please contact us 7 days a week at (888) 818-7762. More information is also available through our contact page.

Treating My Trauma, Panic & Suicidal Thoughts at Bel Air Home
Treating My Trauma, Panic Attacks & Suicidal Thoughts at Bel Air HomeAfter countless trips to the best mental health treatment centers in Los Angeles, California for trauma & panic attacks, The Bel Air Home was my saving grace!I was an absolute wreck, and...
Mental Health vs. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
Mental Health vs. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
Mental Health vs. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles, CAThe Bel Air Home in Los Angeles, California provides this information on residential (inpatient) mental health and dual-diagnosis area treatment centers.For those of you in and around the West Los Angeles...

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