What Sets Us Apart

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Private Therapy Mental Illness Treatment

Small Groups & An Intimate Setting

We provide intensive care that results in excellent outcomes and improved quality of life in a loving atmosphere. Our success is rooted in the highly individualized one on one treatment we provide, and avoidance of large groups and generic treatments. We try to minimize medications which can sedate and cause side effects, and instead maximize advanced therapeutics.

During treatment we also strive to stimulate the senses by providing beautiful outings, yoga, meditation and art therapy. Our goal is to strengthen and re connect family and social bonds to foster long term support.

Our beautiful, luxurious and tranquil setting is optimal for mental health treatment. We invite you to have a free phone consultation with our medical director to answer your questions and review the program in detail.

A Holistic Approach


As a leader in psychiatric care since our founding, we’ve forged our own approach to treating mental illness that lasts based on a mind-body approach. Our biopsychosocial model is unique, and our outcomes demonstrate its effectiveness. Our clients experience holistic treatment designed to uncover core issues that are having a negative effect on their mind, body, relationships and even spiritual life.

We offer nutrition counseling, meditation, yoga and an emphasis on mindfulness. We offer extensive laboratory blood analysis to uncover deficiencies or problems that could impact mental health.

Correct Diagnosis

One of the great benefits of our intensive residential program is that our trained staff is able to obtain a massive amount of observational data by monitoring the behaviors and actions of our clients 24/7. This observational method results in highly accurate diagnoses that can not be obtained in an outpatient setting. A correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment and better long term outcomes. Spending 2-4 weeks in treatment gives our clients time to develop trust in their team, and once their treatment alliance is established, breakthroughs can happen. It also gives our clients time to practice new life skills, which builds self-confidence.

During treatment, we monitor our client goal assessments, which reflect the progress we’re making in improving symptoms and enhancing our client’s well-being.

True Healing from Mental Illness Begins Here and Now!


(888) 818-7762


We do not use standard admission representatives, as is generally the case at other facilities.

All calls to this number will be answered by our medical director.

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