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The Bel Air Home Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

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advanced, private & customized residential mental health treatment in los angeles, ca.

Situated in the beautifully tranquil and exclusive hills of Bel Air (Los Angeles, CA), the Bel Air Home is one the few advanced mental health crisis stabilization residential treatment programs that has expertise in treating complex psychiatric issues. We are a physician operated program that is also licensed to provide highly advanced psychiatric treatment options such as ketamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Our philosophy is to minimize medications and provide one on one intensive treatment in an intimate small group environment.

We service all adult ages through three age appropriate tracts, and offer specialized services such as chronic pain management. To provide highly individualized attention, we average only 6 clients at a time. Unlike most programs that advertise for mental health but are really substance abuse treatment programs, we are proud to be one of the very few double certified, true mental health treatment programs in existence. We are licensed and certified for advanced mental health and crisis stabilization which means our clinical program, staffing and services must be the most intensive and highest caliber.

We are honored that other residential and outpatient mental health programs trust us to refer their clients when advanced treatment is required. We are the go to source when hospitals look to step down their patients or when families are looking for an alternative to a psychiatric hospitalization.


Major Depression

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Delusional Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Bipolar Disorders

Trauma & PTSD

Disociative Disorders

Undiagnosed Mood Disorders

Suicidal Ideations

A Wrap-Around Approach

Each client is under the care of a psychiatrist and internal medicine doctor during their entire treatment course.

Mental Health Treatment in Comfort

A Holistic Approach

Balance in Health

Age Specific Treatment

3 Unique Programs Based on Client’s Age

Correct Diagnosis

Correct Treatment

TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic stimulation

Intimate Group Settings

One on One Treatment

Cutting-Edge Treatment

by Top Experts

Interventional Mental Health

Multi-faceted Approaches for Resistant and Complex Mental Illness

– What is age-specific treatment?

– Why is it so unique & effective?

Bel Air Home is unique in its approach to mental health disorders by taking age into account when developing a treatment plan. This is in line with our philosophy of delivering customized and highly individualized care for our clients.

Someone who is 20 requires a different therapeutic approach to someone who is 50. This has to do with how the brain processes treatment as we age and how we react to medications and therapeutics. We have three treatment tracts. The first is for those aged 18-35, the second is from age 36-55 and the third is for those older than 55. To view details of these different tracts select the button options below.

Luxury Private Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California

Age-Specific Treatment Tracks

Private, Exclusive, Luxury Mental Health Treatment in the Hills of Bel Air, CA
Upscale Rehab for Mental Illness in Southern California
Luxury Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and more
Luxury and Holistic Private Mental Health Recovery

An Exclusive Residence

The Bel Air Home creates a balanced and strategically beneficial environment for each patient. When you treat severe mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and others, it is important to create a comfortable, safe, private environment that is most conducive to true healing.

We have created a boutique-type clinical residence that effectively merges luxury, privacy, pain solutions and genuine emotional support. When we add all of these elements into our advanced treatment approaches, the result is a residential mental health treatment program that is simply unparalleled.  The long-term successes we witness each day provide a level of hope to our patients that most have never before experienced.

It brings us great pride in being among Southern California’s few cutting-edge treatment programs within the scope of behavioral health and mental illness. Call today to learn more on why and how the Bel Air Home is different than most other mental health treatment centers – (888) 818-7762.


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(888) 818-7762


We do not use standard admission representatives, as is generally the case at other facilities.

All calls to this number will be answered by our medical director.

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